By us, for you

27 September 2019 in News,Our Universe

Dada is growing thanks to you. Dada is asserting itself and will soon have the age of reason (7 years old).

Dada is being mature, and we have understood that the essential goes beyond simply selling clothes.

Over the years, we have tried to build a community through the seasons and collections.

And we are happy today to see that the Dada Woman exists.

She is the Woman who affirms herself, stands out, the one who juggles between her classes, a meeting and a jumping session, the one who does not want to choose between her desires and her daily constraints.

The Dada woman is us, it's you, it's her.

Today we are going further and have decided to make Dada a slightly more responsible brand.

We already produce, source and develop all our fabrics and supplies in Europe. This makes it possible to ensure a better quality of production, to limit transport, in quantity and distance.

Today we are going further.

The FW19 collection was produced in small quantities. Because at Dada, we don't want to support overproduction, our objective being to produce fairly and well, and that's it :)

We will not stop there, we promise. Because in reality, we know that it is essential to preserve our dear Planet.

We will gradually seek, with the resources of our small company, solutions to make our contribution and to move justly and serenely towards a more reasonable and responsible way of life.

Thank you for being you, the Dada Woman we love so much, and thank you for following us in our follies, our desires, our actions, our commitments.

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